A Favorite Among Famous Guests

With a central location just steps from the state capitol in the heart of Downtown Nashville, The Hermitage Hotel quickly established itself as a favorite among famous guests.

Over the decades, politicians have gravitated to our hotel – campaign headquarters have been established; elected governors have resided here before taking office; and legislators, lobbyists, and news reporters have regularly congregated in our lobby. Presidential visits have brought distinction and excitement to The Hermitage, starting in 1911 when President Taft spoke at a banquet held in his honor in our hotel ballroom.

It wasn’t long before our beloved local haunt captured the attention of others beyond the political elite. Musical legends have emerged within these walls, including the formation of the Country Music Association in the 1950s. The Hermitage Hotel has hosted the greats, from Hank Williams to Owen Bradley to Patsy Cline to Johnny Cash. Years prior, hotel orchestra leader Francis Craig recorded a song titled “Near You,” which became America’s top selling record in 1947 and Music City’s first major hit!

In subsequent years, Presidents Woodrow Wilson, Nixon, Kennedy, Johnson, Carter, Clinton, and Bush have all resided at The Hermitage. History’s greatest characters – from sports legend Babe Ruth and movie star Charlie Chaplin to military hero Sergeant Alvin York and infamous bank robber John Dillinger — have chosen to rest their heads here. With our intuitive service, inviting staff and the most high-end accommodations in the city, it’s no wonder The Hermitage Hotel was their premier choice of stay!

Parade for Sergeant York outside the Hermitage Hotel.